TEAM SLS is now servicing cars, motorcycles, AND boats!

At our shop we carry every type of material on the market and are able to do any type of custom job for your vehicle.

We are able to do:
• Restitching of any colour
• Replace fabric with any type of material
• Custom seats
• Custom steering wheels


Why should I upholster my vehicle?

Vehicle upholstering provides many benefits, replacing the material of your vehicle will give you the aesthetic look that you need that factory cars don’t come with. Another benefit of upholstering your vehicle is that you could replace damaged or sun-stained parts with newer material which in return could help you retain your vehicles’ value.

How long does upholstering usually take?

The process starts off of with removing the part from your vehicle whether it be a whole seat or other parts of your car or boat. From there on we have to remove the material and order in new material for you and then start the installation. The whole process may take a day or two, or even several days to a couple of weeks depending on what kind of job that you need done.

Can we do small repairs?

Yes, we can do small repairs, too. Bring your vehicle to our location and we’ll be more than happy to give you a quote! Pictures and texts are very unreliable as we are usually not able to see what kind of material or what kind of damage has happened to your vehicle; mostly due to lighting issues. So bring by your car for us to take a look!

Who does the installation?

We have an in house separate installer who only does upholstery for cars, motorcycles and boats.


For any other questions, or quotes, please give us a call at 416-898-7383, or come by our location for a more detailed quote, and take a look at the material and thread that we carry. We have a book that carries all of the material that we are able to order in.