Professional Tinting of Vehicles, Headlights, Taillights, Side Marker & Fog lights!

• Automotive tinting
• Window tinting
• Headlights tinting
• Rear lights tinting
• Autoglass (Windshield)
• Paint protection film (clear bra) 3M, Suntek
• Commercial tinting
• Residential tinting

Highlights: – One piece back windows – Micro-edged side windows – One piece full windshields – Tint removal & replacement – 15+ years experience – Laser cut specific to your vehicle – Quality Sunguard, Suntek, Lumar film – Fast & efficient service

Multiple Shades Offered


Why should I tint my car?

Tinting helps to keep not only the interior in better shape but also reduces chances of skin cancer. This works by blocking up to 93% – 97% of harmful UV rays. Over time, this makes a significant difference in the value of the vehicle, as those with tinted windows tend to reduce the cracks in leather and fading of dashboards.

How long does tinting usually take?

Tinting a full vehicle generally takes under 1 hour with two installers, and between 1-2 hours with one installer.

Who does the tinting?

Alberto Mena is our on-call tinter. All of our tints are done by appointments, for more information about our tinter and his services, visit his website at